In-Plant and Modular Buildings

In-Plant and Modular Buildings

Modular Offices or In-plant buildings offer the ultimate versatility when your business needs change. From receiving and warehouse operations to engineering clean rooms modular offices allow for utilization in any part of warehouse space. Modular offices are highly customizable and cost-effective.

If you want to sell instead of buy, we are always interested in purchasing existing systems and will provide a fair and honest assessment of value.

What are In-Plant Buildings?

In-plant buildings or modular offices are modular panels pre-fabricated and assembled on site. They allow for staff to be out of the conditions of generally a hot or cold warehouse that isn’t temperature control. They also allow for privacy or soundproofing so that business can be conducted while operations continue in the warehouse. 

Advantages of Modular Buildings

  • Easy Installation, limited downtime?
  • Warehouse privacy
  • Temperature controlled
  • Security
  • No warehouse dust or debris
  • Turnkey
  • Reusable, relocatable, reconfigurable




It can be overwhelming when deciding on the best storage options for your needs, so let us help!

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